A button is an interaction that triggers an action, such as moving to another slide in your project or opening a URL. To add a button, you must be in Editor mode.

  1. Click the Insert... menu and select Button.

  1. The Insert Button dialog box appears. The Action field has two groups of options:
    • Navigation: To set branching to another slide or to open a URL, go to step 3.
    • LMS: To set SCORM completion status, go to step 5.
  1. To set slide navigation, click the Action menu and select either Navigate to Slide or Navigate to URL.
    • Navigate to Slide:

      Click the Slide menu and select the slide to which the button will navigate.

    • Navigate to URL:

      In the URL field, enter the Internet location the button will open.

  2. After setting navigation, go to step 7.
  3. To create a button that sets a SCORM completion status, click the Action menu and select one of the following:

    • Set Passed
    • Set Failed
    • Reset Status
  1. After setting SCORM completion status, go to step 7.
  2. The Button Label field allows you to specify the text that will appear on the button. Simply type the desired label in the field.
  3. The Button Style menu allows you to set the color of the button. While the colors might vary depending on the project theme, the normal colors are:
    • Primary: Dark Blue
    • Success: Green
    • Info: Light Blue
    • Warning: Orange
    • Danger: Red
  1. After making your selections, press OK to add the button to the slide.